Indexing QNAP Ts231

After the last update from my TS231 something strange appeared. I am using the QNAP in combination with an Apple MacMini where Roon Core is installed. Another combination is an Windows laptop where JRiver MC22 has a connection with the same content on the QNAP NAS. Although most files are playing well in both configurations a strange fact appeared: neither in Roon, nor in JRiver was last added Albums correct. I couldn’t see any particular logic in the system. How come?

Some more information: I just ripped a couple of cd-albums on the QNAP TS231 . In Roon these Albums don’t show up in the last added view in Roon, although on the Bluesound App after indexing these albums showed up correctly. The Bluesound Node is using the same TS231 NAS.