Indicate tracks already added to playlists

When browsing albums it would be so helpful if there was an indicator easy to see that shows I already added a track to one of my playlists and maybe a easy way to quickly see which playlist when i flick on the track. This would be really help to avoid adding duplicate songs. Also a notice if you do add a duplicate track saying ‘are you sure you want to add this, its already on your playlist’.

Of course you can go to a play list and search to see if you have the track on there but that takes much longer and is more cumbersome. Please consider this.

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I think the feature you are asking for was just brought back to Roon with one of the most recent updates. In Settings>General, there should be a “Yes/No” toggle switch for “Show Playlists on Album Page”. Turn that on and it will show you which playlist a track belongs to.

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Roon please never take this feature away, I love it!