Indicator for clipping is now always orange [Answered]

If my memory is correct, the prior indicator disk was greenish when all was well. It now seems to be always amber/orange (at least with TITAL content which is what I am currently using). Orange is to close to the Red for clipping. I cannot/do now want to, do more testing right now since I am in the middle of eval’ing a bunch of TITAL content for the Roon library and do not want to loose all my searches/etc. Following is what I see on both the Roon Core and the Roon Remote - it does not flash, just stays at this color constantly. - Most recent version of Roon Core and Remote (264)

Did some additional testing, Indicatior only seems to be orange with this artists specific album TITAL content. Tried some other selections (TITAL and not) and the indicator is white (DSP has headroom enabled, 0 correction and show clipping turned on) for everything else. I’ve seen it blink red before but never seen it be orange constantly. Is this a new feature indication a near clipping level?

Looking at this more closely still - this appears to be an undocumented feature in Roon - the TITAL format is MP3 44K, not FLAC like everthing else I have gotten off TITAL.

The yellow/amber/orange light in the signal path indicates a lossy source file, in this case the Tidal mp3 file.