Individual songs added to existing queue do not automatically play

Often, when I add individual songs to an existing queue, the songs do not automatically play.

Say, for example, I play an album by Anouar Brahem. While it’s playing, I select a song by Chick Corea and click Add Next, and then do the same with a Miles Davis tune.

When the Anouar Brahem tune finishes, the Chick Corea song doesn’t automatically play. Instead, I have to click Play. Same with the Miles Davis tune. Once the Miles tune has played, the rest of the Anouar Brahem album automatically plays.

I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong, but your help would be appreciated.

Moved to support.

Hi, Ged. Any idea what I’m doing wrong. This happens nearly all the time. A Playlist isn’t something that plays to the end. Instead, I have to manually click Play for each song.

Problem fixed after recycling the Roon process.

I normally start with have you rebooted everything :smiley:

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