Individual speaker db adjustment on HQ Player

Hi Guys, my roon core + HQ Player is installed on Euphony OS. If I use Roon core (without HQ Player) I see an option under the DSP header called “Speaker control” and I am able to individually adjust speaker volume (Left and Right). If I use Roon+HQ Player, how can I individually adjust speaker volumes?

To get the right center image for vocals, I feel I have to increase my Right speaker by 2 DB.

In HQPlayer web interface you have the “Speaker processing” page where you can set level trim and distance for each speaker.

How do I Get to the web interface? I use Euphony OS and so far have been using the interface on the euphony app/ web to change filters etc


By default HQPlayer listens on port 8088. So for example “http://somehost:8088”. Except on HQPlayer OS it is on the default port, and has some additional OS related configuration and control options.

I’ve never used Euphony so cannot comment much. But maybe their interface is not showing all possible configuration options.

If you want to use their interface, they should tell you how to do something.

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Thank you. I contacted Euphony and they got back to me with the answer. The URL is

You can access HQPlayer UI on http://euphony.local:8089

It worked.