Inflated count of hidden albums?

Not sure this is proper location for this query.
But further to earlier help from you on hidden albums,

In my current Roon music library (CDs pulled from 2 iTunes libraries on local PC):

When using Settings>General>Show hidden = no n=372 albums
when doing same> Show hidden = yes n=634 albums

When using Focus>Inspector>check on Hidden n=262 of 372 albums

This is congruent in that 372 non hidden + 262 hidden = 634 albums.

However, there is no way I (knowingly) have identified 262 albums to be hidden. Did Room possibly duplicate albums when I uploaded iTunes libraries (mid last month), then Roon sorted to display only one copy when non-hidden is the setting? As it is with hidden showing, ALL the CDs from the bigger of my 2 iTunes libraries are duplicated in the show hidden album view - that is, two thumbnails for each. Other iTunes source library, no hiddens.

Is there possibly a way to remove the redundant ‘hidden’ albums? I can leave them of course but is lots of clutter and really messes up oversight and management when I do want to do for-read album hides.
Hoping for a solution. Thanks .

No, you didn’t set those albums to be hidden. They will be duplicates, see this KB article.

Now in order to sort this out, we need to understand why you want two copies of your iTunes libraries? Would your “bigger of my 2” by itself be sufficient?

PS I’ve moved your thread to the #support category.

Hello @Harvey_Smith, and thanks for your report! Could you please send me a screenshot of your albums tab both with and without the hidden setting enabled? Also brian is correct about the duplicates. Let us know!

I believe mystery solved. Thanks for the helpful emails.

As a step of caution, before creating a backup NAS external drive (to match the primary NAS hosting the source iTunes libraries for ROON), I also backed up iTunes libraries to a folder on my PC’s hard drive. Brian’s email about checking “Version” was the clue - I had basically 2 sets of iTunes libraries one on NAS drive, one on desktop hard drive. Once the primary NAS and secondary NAS back up drive were securely in place I could confidently (!) delete the duplicate iTunes libraries on my PC hard drive and, once done, the overload of extra Roon music files disappeared. Pretty amateurish mistake but still learning!

I had only backed up the Blues & Jazz iTunes library to PC (not the second, or Classical iTunes library),which is why only B&J files were duplicated before clean up.

Sorry not able to get the .jpg/Snagit screen caps to link to this email (see below) but that’s the story. Like I said, still learning. Love Roon (as only someone who tried to get iTunes to actually behave on wireless network can). Just terrific music displays and smart features for file management and documentation, tagging, etc. plus great audio.

![2020-09-23_13-42-20_step1_hidden=yes all dups|690x260](upload://jQTeZVCEP4o1S6nvR

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Hello @Harvey_Smith, glad you got things resolved! Please let us know if you have any further questions, happy to help!

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