Inflating Roon remote app

Been noting the remote app on iOS keeps growing to a whopping 3.5 GB in documents and data. Not sure why, not downloading any local music.

It’s eating up my cheap little iPad.

Thank you

My advice: remove and reinstall.

Just wondering why it’s hogging the resource. iOS doesn’t resolve.


Roon in my iPad Pro has over 6 GB in Documents and Data… have not checked this too often so do not know how fast it grows.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why iPad app has so many issues.

Maybe depends on amount used. The wife’s pro has 400 mb but she doesn’t even know how to use it.

I assume the Documents are from pdf album inserts? Clearing the App Cache and Data should do the trick.

Tried that nada. Knew the remove/ install would work, but main point is why.

5gb on my Android. I imagine it’s locally caching artwork. It also seems to cache shared images that you create in the app for Twitter etc.

Most probably you are very right.

As I cleared the image cache on my iPad, I had to remove and re-install the app - see here.

From now on, I will remove-reinstall the app every other month on my different remotes.


I’ve moved from Apple to Android recently, the Apple premium isn’t worth it anymore to me. The mobile/ tablet experience is better on Android imho

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