INFO: Advice needed on selling Intel NUC (NUC8i5INH)

I have an Intel NUC 8 Mainstream-G Mini PC that I am no longer using as my Roon Core. I upgraded to a Gen10i7 and installed it in an Akasa fanless case because I got tired of listening to the fan.

It comes pre-installed with 8GB of RAM soldered on the board and a 256GB SSD. It can also accomodate another SSD for music storage.

It’s not technically supported by Roon, but has worked well for me over the last year. However, ever since I started heavily using DSP it seems to struggle.

Should I reinstall Windows 10 and sell it elsewhere, or offer it up here?

I’ve never sold anything here before, so I need some guidance on how someone typically accepts payment (is it payment pre-shipment, 50% at time of shipment, etc)


Paypal invoice for the full amount prior to shipment is typically one way it is done.

Paypal affords both buyer and seller guarantees and a dispute channel, so people feel safe using it that way.

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