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We are pleased to announce SongKong 6.12 Bizarro, named after The Wedding Present’s second album.


Full details at

But lots of improvements in this new release, please see

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We have just released SongKong 7.0 Magdalene, this major release is almost totally focused on Roon as promised, we have also create a roon subcategory on the songkong forum for anything related to using SongKong with Roon.

And we are offering 20% of the Pro version again using discount code ROONMAGDALENE


Improvements and Fixes as follows


  • [SONGKONG-952] - Save a SongKong Id to files so can be found even if moved by iTunes, and know if has been processed.
  • [SONGKONG-1018] - Give option to make Artist separate values like Artists field
  • [SONGKONG-1259] - Roon:Use INVOLVEDPEOPLE instead of PERFORMER
  • [SONGKONG-1741] - Roon:Add Recording Date and Location
  • [SONGKONG-1898] - Add Sort Fields for important Non Performer Roles.
  • [SONGKONG-1921] - Roon: Add roles such as PRODUCER as both individual field and INVOLVEDPEOPLE on all formats
  • [SONGKONG-2025] - Roon:Look at better integration with ROON Section tag
  • [SONGKONG-2135] - Add option to FixSongs to Ignore Previously Checked Files that were Not Matched.
  • [SONGKONG-2136] - MinimServer:For ID3 write performers to a PERFORMER field
  • [SONGKONG-2137] - Roon:Modify ORIGINAL_ALBUM_DATE mapping to ORIGINALRELEASEDATE so picked up by Roon
  • [SONGKONG-2139] - Classical matcher check for Genre =Classique
  • [SONGKONG-2140] - Roon:Added support for roon VERSION field
  • [SONGKONG-2141] - Roon:Added support for roon LIVE field
  • [SONGKONG-2148] - Need a way to empty specific fields
  • [SONGKONG-2149] - Roon:Add ARTIST/ARTIST_SORT/ARTISTS,ARTISTS_SORT to never populate for Classical
  • [SONGKONG-2150] - BrowseByArtist needs to allow for AlbumArtist could now being multiple value


  • [SONGKONG-2143] - IS_SOUNDTRACK field not getting added whe matched to MusicBrainz
  • [SONGKONG-2144] - Undercounting number of fields by one when writing Flac files without a VENDOR string

Nice! Downloaded the new Version to try out, but SongKong did not show any window on my MacMini M1 and I have to force-quit the app. Maybe released to early?

Thanks for any help, definitive interested to buy, but it has to work on my M1 Mac mini.

Unfortunately the new Mac M1 chip requires a new Java build, and also I need an M1 machine to do that, so M1 is not supported yet only Intel macs, should be done for next release.

All I’m getting is errors and warning running this 7.0 version.

6.12 Pro works fine for me.

Please try running File:Empty Database if that doesnt work please post details on the forum

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That resolved it Paul. Thanks.

I ran 7.0 on my Roon Nucleus Library over the weekend , it kept running and running so I just left it alone . Yesterday still the notice ’ tracks added’ to library and I left it alone . Now , I click ‘Artists’ and get nothing displayed or click ‘Albums’ and no display of album covers ! Yet if I search by album title Roon finds the album with correct artwork and title .

It was a first-time run for me and Songkong was set to 'Roon , Fix Songs '. Is there something else I should do ?


Not sure, it shouldnt be necessary but in Roon I would got to Settings/Storage and select Force Rescan

it would also be useful if you could run Create Support Files in SongKong so I can check what it did.

Hi Paul ,
Thanks for getting back . Unfortunately we couldn’t live without music ( lockdown is hard enough ;O)) so I used ‘Undo Fixes’ and rebooted my Nucleus + and the Artists and Albums artwork is now displaying correctly and is searchable. I was delighted that your software actually had a ‘Roon’ template/category and was keen to see what improvements it could make in everyday use but I may have to read again the ‘user guide’ for the 1,2,3 step by step method of Roon/Songkong setup which should give optimal results . I’m sure a lot of effort went into it and I hope to master it at some point .



Hi okay it would still be useful if you could run Create Support Files if you have a chance. I think all you had to do was just had to force a rescan on Roon, perhaps when you have time run SongKong on just one album folder and see if that updates Roon accordingly.

@paultaylor Can you help a newbie with a workflow issue?

I believe I want to organize my files by Artist to make them more user friendly outside of Roon.

My understanding is that if I rip CDs through Roon’s Nucleus, the software default is to place the files in folders named by the date the CD was ripped. I understand SongKong can search for and add/correct missing metadata.

Option B: If I rip CDs in dBpoweramp, the files will be stored in folders by Artist (I’ve experimented with the software and it seems to do a good job creating folders by Artist). Here, plus goes to dBpoweramp. Again, I understand SongKong can search for and add/correct metadata to the files created by dBpoweramp. My belief is I would wind up with the same metadata after applying SongKong regardless of whether I rip in Nucleus or dBpoweramp.

Question: If I rip in Roon’s Nucleus, can SongKong automate the folder structure modification from date ripped (structure created by Nucleus) to Artist? Or do I still need to rip in something like dBpoweramp if I want folder structure to be by Artist without manually moving files around?

Let me know if you think I’m missing something but it seems to me that organizing files by Artist is the way to go and Roon Nucleus doesn’t do this. Are there other advantages/disadvantages to ripping in dBpoweramp vs Nucleus before applying SongKong?

I look forward to licensing your product once I understand my workflow.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Paul ,
Support Files sent ,



Correct, as long as SongKong could actually identify the album. Album Match rate is usually at least 90%, but not usually 100%

Hi, yes SongKong can certainly rename folders and files very flexibly based on metadata, and I would always recommend storing your songs using an AlbumArtist/Album structure, although from a Roon point of view doesnt really matter since the folder structure is hidden anyway. SongKong comes with some existing masks

and you can create your own

There are a few caveats though

  1. I always recomend you run SongKong with the defaults first, and this doesnt rename files. I say this because if SongKong modifes the metadata and it renames the file then it is harder to understand if it renames to something unexpected. For example I had a user with some Frank Zappa albums, but some were really The Mothers of Invention albums, and so were renamed and moved accordingly, but at first user thought some has been deleted.
  2. If you rename or move files then Roon is not going to know where they are and you would need to rescan, also I don’t have Roon Nucleus so I don’t know if there are any reasons why it would be best to preserve Roons original folders.
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Thanks, I notice there were a few errors but the vast majority of files were processed and identified. It seemed to have some issue reading some files, are the files local or remote to the computer running SongKong, could it be that Roon was hanging onto some files.

Hi ,
Songkong was running on a 2020 MacBook Pro on the same WiFi network as an Ethernet-connected Roon Nucleus + . The only error messages I recall were WiFi dropouts ( although the network still appeared running when the message was deleted)

Is there a quick(er) way to reapply the Songkong fixes so I could try again ? The ‘adding tracks’ symbol on Roon was still showing constantly when I clicked ‘Undo’ .


Okay so the songs are on roon, and SongKong runs on the macbook and then there is alot of data transferred over the network as SongKong reads the files and then writes the files, with additional interference of Roon trying to update itself as it picks up changes.

I would suggest best results would be if you could connect macbook via ethernet cable and then maybe before you go to bed stop Roon, and then run SongKong overnight. Then when SongKong finished start Roon and Force rescan.

If you need to stop SongKong early you can, and run the remainder the next night.

Thanks again . Any particular recommended Roon settings for best results ? Or indeed Songkong ?
So I am going to need an adapter as MacBook Pro is USB-C/Thunderbolt connections only . The Nucleus + does have a Thunderbolt (1?) connection but I don’t believe it’s ever been enabled . Is my license (temporarily at least ) transferable to an old Windows machine if I delete it on the Mac although I would prefer to use that in the end ?

Or , could I use an old Mac mini for the first run ? It has Ethernet although it would be tricky to control without its Ethernet to network …


The license allows you install on up to three computers at the same time so you can install on Windows, and keep license on mac. But I think the key thing is to stop Roon, it sounds like it couldn’t cope with the number of file updates and that may have been the key issue first time round.

Hi Paul ,
Many Thanks ! It’s up and running on the Mac Mini and Roon Server is turned off so I’ll leave it overnight and see how we go !