INFO TAB in other languages?

Good morning

I wonder if there is any idea to see in languages different from english the information about artist & disc

For me, native language is catalan but I wonder if ever we can reach spanish. And I guess people from France and Germany would love to have it in their own languages, too.


There are three different feature requests for this already (though to be clear, they are talking about passing the English artist & album info to Google translate, not sourcing different content in each language). As far as I can tell, they all have zero votes.

If you search for “info translate” you could probably get one of the moderators to consolidate the requests. But it won’t really help unless you also get a number of votes!

As per your message, sounds quite impossible to get even the translation

I was wondering about Spanish publishers who wrote directly in Spanish, and maybe some translations

Thank you for the explanation

uh ? yes, there is at least my vote. You looked at it wrong :slight_smile:

There are 3 topics:

You’re right, the third one has three votes. Maybe there are more topics. I don’t work for Roon, but my suggestion is to get all these consolidated and try to get a campaign to get more votes. This sort of project is not terribly complicated except it’s expensive (commercial translation APIs aren’t free), there’s a caching issue, and no one is ever satisfied with the results.

I confirm that finding the square “vote” is a way to hide the intention to vote. On some forums, it is listed in the list of posts “Vote” at the beginning of the line in that list. So you can see it right away when you browse the members’ topics.

Thank you, that Johnny has consolidated this feature request of other users.
You’ve raised the issue, that the online translation from roons english info could be expensive for commercial translation. But I think it has only costs associated, if the translation will be executed on roons server/cloud and the translated result will be delivered to the users gui.
If the translation will be started on users client itself, I’m nearly sure, that will be at no costs (API usage…)

I appreciate the echo and the efforts to make more visible the request

Many thanks