Initial distortion when playing 192/24 music files through Devialet

Roon is great & plays almost everything perfectly via wifi from my Mac to my Devialet 200. There is a problem, however, with 192/24 files. There is initially distortion, then silence for maybe 5-10secs, then the music comes through perfectly. Are there settings I need to change to fix this?

Hi John,

Are you able to try using a wired connection?

Does this happen only when the sample rate changes or does it have between two consecutive 192/24 tracks?

My collection is almost exclusively classical music & I usually play a full album. Once distortion is finished & the album is playing I have no problems - all the tracks play perfectly. Wifi works fine in every other way. I have a 5sec. buffer set for the Devialet. Could that be a problem?

Assuming you’re using AIR? Which version/platform? Where is the 5 sec buffer -in air or Roon?

I’m using AIR 2.1.3 with the 5,000ms buffer set there. As an aside, I also have a Logitech Transporter connected to the Devialet and fed via wifi using the Squeezebox Server from my wife’s PC (where all 700+ are also stored). This seems to have no problems with these high quality files.

Have you tried the AIR 3.0 release which works better? As far as I can see the Logitec Transporter only does 24/96 so will not play 24/192. I would never try WiFi for any serious playback as I have never seen a WiFi network that works correctly yet.

May thanks NickB. Using AIR 3.0 seems to have fixed the problem.