Initial impression Nucleus+

The Nucleus+ has been running since last night.
Here my first impression:

  • works and does what it should
  • Setup goes very fast
  • the sound Nucleus > USB > Kii Three Controller is (clearly) worse than Nucleus > wireless to the bluesound Node 2 > Coax > Kii Three Controller (I had also used it before).

  • the USB port detection of the Kii Three Controller in the Nucleus is unstable. It is only recognized once in a while after a restart.

@Thomas_Unger Kii controllers can be very fickle over the usb cable, I found Tellurium Q cables behaved as you are seeing and worse, strangely I found the cheap usb that tends to be included with printers works just fine! Running from an Innuos, Allo USbridge or NUC all gave the same results.


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Hi Russ, Thanks for Your info. I’ve just heard from my Kii dealer that depending on what sampling rates are played via the Kii Control, the driver loses connection to the Kii Control. For such cases there is a beta version of the Kii Control firmware. It should solve the USB problem…
I´ll try it…

Good luck, let me know the results?

Hi Russ, sure:-)