Initial music library import stuck [Resolved]

Hi, I am stuck on initial import of my music library. The Import process currently reports – Adding Music to Library of 56783 tracks, 0 added, 0 identified. On the first try, 1544 tracks were imported. I have gone through several iterations of removing and renaming audio files, removing special characters, etc. I have no notably small audio files. Now I seem to be stuck.

  • Roon version 1.4 (build 294) stable (64-bit)
  • MacOS 10.13.2 on iMac 27" late 2013, 32GB memory, all-Flash (293 GB available)
  • Music library resides on Synology DS214 share
  • SonicWALL firewall / router
  • Hardwired Ethernet connections from the router and static IP addresses for Mac & Synology
  • I had Tidal enabled, but I have now disabled so I can resolve this issue first.

Is there some diagnostic log that I can refer to or send to you to determine the status or error condition?

Thank you.


Update : Looks like I am good and import is continuing. I found a slightly larger, but none-the-less corrupted, audio file. Once I removed it, things are moving along. Thanks.


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