Initial questions on the interface and music playback

Hi there, I installed the software yesterday and was impressed. I just have a few initial questions about how I am supposed to control music playback.

Firstly when I click on a particular track, but not track 1, in an album to start playing, how do I get Roon to continue playing subsequent tracks after the first has finished?

Also is there a way for Roon to automatically play a track I select to play, rather than always asking me if I want to Play it?

Finally is there a way for Roon to select a random album to play in my collection and then continue to select random or related albums in a version of “Shuffle Play”?


Hi madefope,

you can achieve this by selecting all tracks within the album (Ctrl+A on PC) and then unchecking the ones you don’t want to be added to the queue. In general you can right click on any track and manage it separately from the rest of the album.

Not at the moment, but this may change. There are design considerations behind the the paw-masher screen you see when attempting to play a track and just like you, I had to have a bit of an adjustment coming from the typical double-click-instant-gratification approach.

When you click Play Album, select Radio and it will do just that. You can then help the algorithm further tweak it to your tastes by hitting thumbs up/down within the queue screen.


Another way to select all the tracks after and including a selected track is to:
Select first track, hold Shift key whilst clicking the last track.

I would prefer keyboard shortcut options so selection(s) :
1). Play now on the queue
2). Add to next on the queue
3). Add to the end of the queue

Hi there, thanks for the responses, however, a subtlety with my third question is that I prefer to listen to whole albums rather than a single track from different albums, is there a way to enable Radio play that plays whole albums at a time?

+1 for being able to randomly play albums.