Initial settings for DSP newbie

Just now experimenting with Roon DSP. (Recently dumped Tidal for Qobuz.)

Not sure if I’m hearing expectation bias, but my impressions are the the DSP settings give a much more “near field” experience from my normal perch of approx 18 ft from my Harbeth m30.2/HSU ULS-15 MKS subs. Hearing greater delineation /space/air between voices.
Also, seems to take a bit of upper register “sheen” away at higher dB settings.

Haven’t played yet with EQ, as I’m pretty happy with balance of Harbeths and subs together.

I got my initial settings from this Archimago’s Musings post - though I confess 90% of the article is Greek to me (I looked up 64 bit floating point which served to reignite all my high school feelings of math inadequacy…)

DSP settings I’m using are:
Head Room Mgmt: ENABLED (using default -3dB)
Sample Rate Conversion: PRECISE LINEAR PHASE
DSD Processing Settings: 7TH ORDER (CLANS)
Other settings are default.

Rest of system is:
Modwright/OPPO Sonica DAC
Fidelizer Nimtra S Server
AQ-VOX SE Switch
PS Audio BHK Signature preamp
PS Audio BHK 300 monos

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I had written my piece of story with DSP upscaling for Chord Mojo, feel free to comment :slight_smile: