Initial setup- can't get past "Your Screen Res" screen

Hi, Been using Roon for a while. Had moved from Desktop Win10 machine to a portable and decided today to move back to the desktop for my core. Once I deselected the portable and selected core vs. remote (I chose core) it started, but would not move past the screen that says “Your screen resolution is too small to run Roon. Please try to run Maximized or fullscreen”. (Had this before but it’s a mystery since it’s a 1080P TV.) That said, Roon is actually running fine- I can play music from the new Core using the iPad app to select.

So, I uninstalled Roon, reinstalled it but no change to the result above. @support

Check this thread re. scaling:

Well that fixed it. I use 175% because it’s a media room setting. Used to be ok with Roon but now it isn’t 150% works. I guess I will just have to squint a little harder. Thanks.

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