Initial setup problems - 2012r2 server with local storage [fixed]

Just downloaded today.

Install went fine, it is seeing my DAC and the internal drive with the music.
When I start Roon, the status icon flashes on the top right.
On step 3, it shows the 11k tracks, then 0 added, and 0 identified.
It counts down to zero, then puts a check mark next to that step.
No tracks are added to the Roon library.

Is there any way to check status to see if it is still working on initial setup?
Task Mgr does not show any activity.

My music folder is configured as a watched folder.
I even copied an album to your Roon folder on the boot drive.
That album is not showing either.

Found more details in the software logs. Adding Experience to 2k12 server

Issue was related to 2k12 server. Roon should really have a note for 2k12 server users.
Hopefully the program works well and doesn’t get in the way of the sound.

A few threads here on 2012R2 and what is needed to get Roon running. But yes there is nothing in the Roon install saying you need those parts - Not sure if 2012R2 is even a “supported” OS yet by Roon, yet it does work for quite a few of us.

Don’t forget to install wsemp.exe (media pack) after Experience.

Thanks Dan,

I got things working. Just have the Intel video driver issue where I can’t minimize ROON and have it restore (blank screen) I’ve found quite a few folks having a similar issue.
I’ll mostly be using it remotely, so should not be an ongoing problem.

Trying to absorb the massive amount of metadata.
REALLY like how they handle classical music.

Doing some reading now about using JPLAY behind the scenes with Roon.