Inncorrect album art being displayed

Hello–I have a couple of artists in my library, each of which has only a single LP. Unfortunately the sames album art is being displayed for both albums. I’m chosen the correct album using the edit feature but the wrong art is still being displayed.

Please advise.

If the album art is in the folder the music is in it can be selected on the edit album artwork section. If it’s not there you have the option to add an image.


My issue is not that the art is missing but that the incorrect art is being displayed.

A screenshot would be useful.

Of the wrong display and of the edit album picture screen.


I’ve attached a screen shot.

And what do you see in the Album Artwork section of the Album Editor?

I understand that you work for a small company but I’m not satisfied with this support process. I’ve already spent at least three hours documenting and responding to the topics I’ve raised and so far have not been able to resolve a single issue. I also have a number of additional issues that I haven’t even had time to post on your forums.

Given that your company is offering a “premium product” and are charging a premium price for it I expect to be able to speak with someone to address the issues I’m having. If I can’t resolve these problems more expeditiously I can’t continue to use your product. I just don’t have the time to waste (and because none of my problems have been addressed this had been a waste of time).

Having read through many of your forum postings, it appears that the Roon product is in a very early stage of development and many of the features I need aren’t even offered yet. Perhaps your product and company are simply not well enough developed to be a good solution for me at this time.

I suggest that you cancel my subscription, refund my annual payment and I’ll check in with your company in a year to see if your solution is a better fit.

If you’re talking to me, you are labouring under a misapprehension - I don’t work for Roon, and neither does John B. We’re just customers who like to try and help out in this community forum.

If you want to cancel your subscription, please contact Roon directly.