Innuos 1.4.7 released

Just updated to 1.4.7 and so far ux with experimental mode is the best I ever had. Very responsive and stable. Cannot comment on soundquality since I just changed a couple of things. But it does seem a bit more resolving.

Release notes:
Released 27/01/2021

This release further upgrades the base innuOS libraries in preparation for innuOS 2.0. Additionally upgrades LMS to version 8.2 in order to resolve current TIDAL integration requirements.

Please note this is a long update that can take up to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Due to the upgrade of the network libraries, the system will change the IP address during the update which will cause the UI to lose connection and keep indefinitely in the “Updating” screen. To resolve, please go back to and navigate again to Settings > System Update. If the status is still updating then system is still running the update - allow 5 minutes and then repeat this procedure. If there is a window indicating system needs to reboot then the update is complete and please click the reboot option to reboot the system.

Please do not turn off your system until the update is complete.


  • Fixes TIDAL integration with innuOS
  • Updated Logitech Media Server to version 8.2

Sorry to say, the skipping/stuttering issue with Roon experimental mode has NOT been fixed. It seemed to occur less frequently initially after the 1.4.7 download but it is very much still an issue.
I am really getting frustrated with Innuos and don’t know why they can’t take the time to fix this bug. For me, IPeng is useless because LMS doesn’t have an MQA license, which means requests for MQA from Tidal via IPeng never return an MQA file (except for the very few 44.1kHz MQA files for which there is no redbook version). The primary Roon version on Innuos sounds much noisier than the Roon experimental mode so Roon exp is the only functional mode for my situation, and it keeps failing due to this bug!

I am experiencing less problems since the update. It is still not flawless, but so is Roon. It will be interesting to see what the Innuos Player will change. Until then I will gladly stick with experimental mode. In my system this is a difference between sounding good and having some magic. I much prefer magic :wink:.
One tip, that helped me. I always stop before I skip a track or change an album. This does seem to reduce the problems we are all experiencing

InnousOS 2.0 is recognizably on the horizon and all interim updates are rather cosmetic. We should have a little patience there.

For all MQA fanboys, it is recommended to try an Ayre DAC with much better minimum phase filters for all resolutions or the “original” high-res masters to hear what’s sonically possible without using MQA.

Perhaps keep those comments for the MQA Disappointing thread and leave this one to Innuos? Any mention of MQA anywhere appears to bring out the same crew, unfortunately.

That’s life. We reap what we sow.