Innuos + Crestron

I’m in the process of renovating my my home and using it as an opportunity to upgrade my audio systems. I’m in the planning stage and would appreciate some help resolving some ROON related questions.

Planned setup

1. Home automation - based on Crestron to control 5 SONOS audio zones (ROON Endpoints). As I understand it, I would need to run a ROON Core on Nucleus/+ to make this work.

2. Audiophile system - Considering Innuos Server/Streamer (ROON Core) >> Linkwitz DAC/Amplifiers


Innuos support team tell me that they experience the best audio results when files are stored on their device and streamed from there (i.e. their box is the ROON Core). I’d like to take advantage of this advice but I can’t figure out how to make this happen without losing the option of having a centralized server that can serve both the Crestron (home automation) system AND the audiophile system. Plus, if I separated the systems and ran 2 Cores it would be painful keeping them both up to date, and doubles my expense for licenses.

So in summary, Nucleus/+ running ROON Core is required for integrating with Crestron, but my preferred setup would use an Innuos box as ROON Core. My question then is, am I missing something that would enable the centralized server as described above?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. I am in the same boat. In short…you are SOL. The present Roon/Crestron module is ONLY for support for their Nucleus Servers. This has been confirmed by Roon. So…if you don’t have a Roon Nucleus…no Crestron support.

I was hoping a Master Crestron Programmer would modify this module and make it work for other end-points, but so far…silence. Very disappointing.

Let me know if you ever find a solution!



  1. Replace your Innuos as Core with Nucleus as a Core and use a Roon Ready or USB DAC.
  2. Use your Innuos a NAS + Streamer, and disable the Core on it, and use a Nucleus as a Core.

Both require using Nucleus as a Core to get Crestron/C4 support, but one option replaces the Innuos while the other augments it.

The Nucleus is a seriously better Core experience anyway – the Innous’ CPU is below our recommended minimum spec.