Innuos, Roon Ready yes or no?


I haven’t Roon yet (but I’m thinking of), so I am not coming to say about any problem, just one question:

I have read reviews, that Innuos (I don’t have an Innuos yet, but I’m thinking of) is Roon Ready, but I don’t see them in your site lists. Are they or not?

Thanks a lot!

I’m not part of support. I’m a user just like you. Noneless, from the Innuos website -


CD Ripper, NAS and Streamer
Compact design with quiet, fanless operation
Versatile HiFi connectivity with analog and digital outputs

**Roon Core and Endpoint**
Custom audio treated components
Upgradeable with Linear Power Supply

A forum search will turn up any number of Innuos threads.

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