Innuos/Roon - Skipping Songs Via USB

I am having a problem with my Innuos Zenith MKII server feeding a PS Audio Directstream Jr DAC via USB. Songs will play fine until you let it go to the Radio function. At which point the playback skips songs every 1/2 second or so for eternity. Also does this in shuffle mode. Only way to stop it is reboot the DAC and shut off radio. Or switch to ethernet feeding the DAC

From Innuos:

I believe this is an issue that’s been encountered a couple of times, Roon does something wrong when its ‘radio’ feature kicks in, which is basically their autoplay function of similar/related music once you reach the end of the album you were listening. All reported instances of this have been solved by simply turning this feature off.

Is this currently in Roon’s queue to fix?

Hello, I used to have a innuos Zénith MK2 and never experienced any problem with Roon radio. By the way I was using at the end a Roon server on another device than the innuos as the innuos was not powerful enough to drive some Roon features. Would you have any chance to test a Roon server not on the innuos and test the innuos as a player ?
Perhaps you can try to go to settings / storage and force the rescan ?

Previously my Roon core was on a MAC streaming over ethernet with no issues. No issue now via ethernet from the Innuos. I don’t use any DSP or other heavy processing in Roon. Unfortunately no other device to test via USB

Hope somebody could help you. To be honest I don’t know where it could come from.

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