Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 - RoonServer restarts by itself since build 846

Roon Core Machine

Innuos Zen Mini Mk3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT HomeHub 2 connected by Ethernet to Innuos Roon Core machine

Connected Audio Devices

Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 connected via Ethernet to Naim ND5XS2 streamer

Number of Tracks in Library

1900 tracks

Description of Issue

Since installing update build 846 a couple of days ago, when playing local files on the Innuos and streaming from Qobuz using iPad as Roon remote contact is intermittently lost with the core, usually returning within 30 secs. Mostly happens at the end of a track. No problems whatsoever before the 846 build update.

Hope you can help.

Cheers, Ian

hello @support

Can someone in support respond to my post above, please? Every time I have used Roon since update 846 was installed, my listening is interrupted by loss of connection to my core. It does not matter which Roon remote I use - iPad, iPhone or MacBook Pro, I’m suffering intermittent loss of connection to the Core and when it comes back it sometimes shows no albums in the library. There were no problems before build 846 and nothing else has changed.

Thx, Ian


I am having constant problems since build 846 went live. Roon remote keeps losing connection with my Core on my Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 intermittently - connection comes back after about 30 secs. It happens every time I’ve listened to music since build 846 went live. I’ve posted a request to @support several days ago but got no response. So no improvements for me, only problems. Nothing else has changed on my system. It is the same problem whether I’m using the Roon app on my iPad, iPhone or MacBook Pro. Sometimes when connection is re-established no albums show on the library list, even though play of the track previously selected continues. Any thoughts on how to get this fixed.

Cheers, Ian

Hey @Timberwolf,

Thanks for following up on your request — we’re sorry we didn’t get a chance to reply until today, after the weekend :pensive:

We’re really sorry about the trouble… I wonder, since you’ve experienced this issue, have you rebooted your entire system? Your Roon Core, but also your router / modem?

If you haven’t, could you please give it a try?


Thx for contacting me. I have already rebooted the router, Innuos Zen, and disconnected and reconnected Roon Core and the two problems remain, namely 1) intermittent loss of connection to Core and 2) when reconnected, sometimes the album count is 0 but the current track selected plays. Fault 1) has only started since build 846 was installed. Fault 2) I contacted you about 18 days ago. I’ve contacted Innuos support about the 846 build in case anyone else has reported issues and provided them with the Roon logs but it seems to me these issue are both with Roon.

Cheers, Ian

Hey @Timberwolf,

You’re very welcome — we’d love to help sort this out.

The second issue you mention (blank screen and / or 0 album count) is a known issue that we have a ticket in for. I believe the two of us discussed about it here. We are sorry about the trouble :pensive:

As far as connectivity issues between your Core and remotes, I wonder if you could temporarily use a wired remote (for example, a computer) and see if you still experience these interruptions?


My MacBook is wired (ethernet) to my router.

Thanks for clarifying that. What I was asking for as a test was connecting your MacBook (the remote) to the Core (the Innuos) via cable.

If you mean connect by usb cable from Innuos to MacBook Pro, I don’t have such a cable. Currently the Innuos is connected directly to my router via ethernet and so is the MacBook Pro. My main streamer (Naim ND5XS2) is also connected via ethernet to the Innuos. The connection problems have only occurred since build 846 was installed.

Cheers, Ian

Hey @Timberwolf,

Yes, that is what I meant, but no worries.

Let’s go through a few steps, the first one being restarting your Core, router & modem, and your remote devices. Is there any change after resetting everything?

I have done this at least twice since the connection issue started with no effect. This morning Roon Core updated to build 850 and I had trouble accessing the core from my MacBook at first for several minutes, so I gave up.

This evening I have been playing music using both MacBook Pro and iPad Roon apps and I have had no dropped connections so far - a total of 2 hours. I will try again tomorrow and see how it is going.

I still have the Roon logs from when I first had the problem if they would be of use to you?

Hey @Timberwolf,

Thanks for keeping our conversation going :nerd_face:

I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying music as intended :musical_note: . What would be most useful are logs from immediately after you’re experiencing a disconnection. If you could also jot down the approximate time and date it happened, that would be even better.


I have gone through my logs from 6 Nov to 9 Nov and found two of the lost connections at 18:29 on Nov 6 and at 16:22 on Nov 7, UK time. What is the best way for me to send you the log files?

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Could you please let me know how best to send you the relevant log files? The connection losses are still happening after installing build 850

Hey @Timberwolf,

Thanks so much for doing that investigative work :pray:

Could you please upload the files here? Would you also be as kind as to let us know when you had a chance to do so? We’ll take a look shortly after.


I’ve uploaded the files as .zip The earlier file has the 2 lost connections I identified on Nov 6 and Nov 7. The two connection drops I could identify were at 18:20:03 on Nov 6 (Raatserver_log.15, Roonserver_log.17) and at 16:22;22 on Nov 7 (Raatserver_log.08, Roonserver_log.11). The later file covers the period today where I lost connection 3 times in 10 minutes - between 1700 and 1720 or so. It happened with different remote apps (iPad and MacBook Pro) and different endpoints (Naim streamer and Chord Mojo dac).

Cheers, Ian

Hi @Timberwolf ,

Thanks for submitting the logs and for your patience here while we’ve had a chance to review them. It appears that at certain points, RoonServer is going into a reboot loop without much info in the regular Roon logs (system-level logs may reveal more info, but we would need Innuous support to access those).

Seeing loops like these typically occur due to a database or a hardware error. To rule out the database, are you able to reinstall RoonServer on the Innuous via their Web Interface and restore a Roon Backup at least a week before the issue started? Let us know, thanks!

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Thanks for getting back to me. Given the problems I have been having, I moved my Roon Core back to my MacBook Pro and so far I have not had any connection losses. So, in order to test the theory of a database corruption, can you lay out for me exactly the steps I need to take? Something along the following lines?:

  1. Disconnect from the Roon Core on my MacBook
  2. Select Roon Core as server option on Innuos Zen Mini Mk3
  3. Clear the Roon database on the Innuos
  4. Link to my Roon backups on my NAS and restore from an earlier backup
  5. Login to Qobuz again on Roon
  6. Test all working and try for a few days

Will you be getting any system logs from Innuos after I get to stage 5? Innuos are aware of my issues and would like feedback on any resolution. Let me know if these are the steps I should follow.

Thanks, Ian

I understand you previously had no issues, but It might be worth considering the spec of the Mini Mk3, as its atom based.

Zen Mini MK3 spec:
CPU, Intel Quad Core N4200

Roon Recommended min:

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Hi @noris ,

I have disconnected from the Roon Core on my MacBook, set up Roon on the Innuos and restored a backup Roon library from Oct 30th. Connecting to the Roon Core on the Innuos took a few attempts but I’m running now. What next?

Cheers, Ian

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