Innuos Zenith and Hugo DAC

I’m not sure you’re getting my posts? I’ve been asking about my Zenith plus Hugo dac
I clicked on ‘integrate with roon’ on my Zenith. The music is now on Roon but how do I get it to play my system.? I asked the Zenith to be the Roon core but that doesn’t seem to have happened. In fact the Zenith didn’t seem to reach an end point just kept ‘integrating.’ The other thing is I just can’t get my chord Hugo onto Roon. It’s listed but doesn’t initiate when I try to enable it. I have disabled everything else that is listed like Jriver, dragonfly, WASPI but to no avail. It’s if the chord Hugo is there in name only.
My system is the same as when I posted about the naim mu-so but my reference system is Zenith, chord Hugo, quad 909 amp, quad 99 preamp. At the moment I can’t listen to anything!!

Hi @India_Kirby ----- Thank you for the report.

Looking at our last conversation, this was the information you provided in regard to your setup:

The specs for my pc are; windows 7. System Type: 64 bit operating. Processor Intel®Pentium® CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz 2.10 GHz. Ram: 6.00 GB.

Roon finds the mu-so as an output device via AirPlay.

The wifi is a public domain. My pc connects to router TL WA7210N. There is a switch to gateway to internet. ( Not sure if I’ve answered this properly)

Can you please provide me with a link to this Zenith device you are mentioning so I have a clear understanding about what it is and what it’s specs are?


Hi Eric. The Zenith comes from Innous. Updating the software provided an opportunity to integrate Roon. You can find out stuff about it here- > innuos manual Hope that helps.

Hi @India_Kirby – have you spoken with Innuos about this issue yet?

They are a partner of ours and we work closely with them, like we do with all our partners, to ensure Roon is working as expected. When Roon isn’t working as expected, we’re always willing to work with our partner directly to make sure we understand the problem and resolve it.

In this case, I’d like to make sure their device is configured and set up properly, before we look into troubleshooting the Roon software running on their device. Can you check with their support team first, and then let us know if we can help further? I think this will be the fastest way to get this resolved for you.


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Hi just thought you’d like to know I contacted innuos and asked them to help me connect the Zenith and chord dac. They were extremely helpful and took remote control of my pc and after a lot of wizardry they integrated Roon/dac and Zenith and it’s now running beautifully.

On another subject. One feature I miss on the orangesqueeze app I used with the Zenith its random selection of tracks and in particular albums. I have such a large library it was good to let the app chose what to play. Do you have any plans to include this sort of feature on Roon? I’m assuming I’m not missing something and that it doesn’t already have it?!

Hi @India_Kirby ---- Thank you for the follow up, very glad to hear the tech(s) over at Innous were able to help you get things setup with the Zenith.

In regard to your second question, our “radio” feature can be used for nearly any content in your library, and it can also kick in automatically any time your queue runs out, to keep the music going. More information on this feature and how it functions can be found in knowledge base here.