Innuous Zen Mini Uses question

Hi I am looking into getting a Zen mini but I am trying to work out something, It says on their website that if you use Roon it looses it ability to use the internal player. I am looking to use it as an Endpoint in my 2nd system and use its ripping features but would also like to use it for Spotify and Qobuz as its built in. Is it just not possible without turning of the Roon bridge?

Hi… i use the zen mini (thats why the questions in the other thread) - U can use it only with and as one of the roon Options selected. You can still use ripping and import or some rudimental Settings like Upgrades, roon log downloads, etc. over browser connection.
I have no active streaming account on the zen mini, i activated it only in roon Control and can not test it but since Music Library is took over by roon maybe u can use it the same for the downloaded songs like in roon Control. No credits for that :slight_smile:

I also have not checked if it is recognized by roon over Network so it will be shown as an endpoint if no roon installed on it since i did not know the whole workarround bevor i used roon. but as much as i know the zen mini is no roon tested device !?

The most important Infos Innuos roon install

God this is old no idea why is been resurrected, I ditched the idea of Innous ages ago.