Input selector Bluesound with NAD 368 disappeared?

Since I installed the Roon app the input button in the Bluesound app disappeared.
I use this ie when I want to watch a movie and stream the music over the NAD to switch to the optical 1 input.
Any idea why this is and how to solve it?
Thanks in advance

Have you spoke to Bluesounds support this sounds more a problem with their app than Roon. Roon does not interact with their app at all.

Hello @peter_van_dijk1,

We are not seeing the NAD C 658 when using the BluOS application. I’ve included a screenshot of the C 368 input selector in the BluOS app running in our QA lab:

Ensure that the device firmware on the NAD C 368 is up to date as well as the BluOS firmware version.


Hello John,

Thanks for the quick answer, however I do not understand what you mean with the C 658.

This is what I see now:


Here you see that the input selector disappeared. And yes all updates are done. It seemed to happen when Roon was installed….

Any idea how to get it back?