Inserting my turntable source into Roon stream Question

My system works very well using my iMac as the host for Roon. I use Roon to host my FIR filters for my active open baffle 3-way speakers and room correction while listening to my digital content, Qobuz and local FLAC files.

So here is my ask for help in the next step to expand the system. Id like to introduce my vinyl source into the Roon ecosystem. I have an ADC which iMac sees. Can someone help me get to the next step. I dont understand how to bring that vinyl digital stream into Roon. I see HQPlayer is available in Roon.

If this has been asked sorry to waste your time but Im perplexed with this configuration or software I should use.

thank you

The sort of people who can answer this hang out in the tinkering category so I will move this there so they might see it better.

Ged ok thanks will you move it for me?

Done that.
There is a roon plug in developed by one of the tinkerers that takes in signals but I don’t know what operating systems it works on.
Not my area of interest.

thanks Ged… getting closer!

Found it. (Searched for ADC)

wow Ged thanks for going out of your way to send me this !!!


All part of user helping user.

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