Insight on albums in watched folder

First, I be loving me some Roon. Great piece of software and industrial strength as well. Good job Roon Team. I am nearing the completion of my re-rippng of my discs, and will soon have all of them finished. I only have about 500 or so titles left. So that means I have gone through around 8k and counting.

With Roon able to handle anything I can put to it, without problems of any sort, I am wondering what others have done with regards to more than one greatest hit disc or other such duplicates. Do you just let Roon have at it all? Or do those ahead of me experience wise cull down your discs to just those that are unique. Some artists/groups seem to have more greatest hit albums, than actual releases. I seem to have collected a few of these over time…

So set them aside, or leave them in the active watched folder. I am sure others here have navigated these waters prior, what was learned, what was the lesson that experience taught you.

I just leave duplicates in place. If you don’t want them played you can hide them. That way if you change your mind you can unhide them later. If they’re really duplicate albums, Roon does a pretty good job of tracking versions.

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