Inspection : check for lyrics

Would it be possible to have an extra inspection field for lyrics present or not, on album level to start with.
I know that there are some albums, with only a couple of tracks with lyrics, but in most cases albums have lyrics for all tracks, or none at all.


Agreed. I would love to see both a search online for lyrics feature where you can import them once found, and also allowing us to add our own.

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You know that the Tracks Browser has a “Lyrics present” check in the Focus, right?

Hi Geoff

No, I was not aware of that. That’s already a big help.

However, in order to complete albums without lyrics, by means of an extra attached lyrics PDF (that I am provide myself), it would be great to have this at album level as well.
Sometimes a song has lyrics on one album, and not on another (e.g. live album).

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Sure, I get that. And it sounds useful. In the meantime, I’m thinking that using the Tracks Browser Focus, possibly a Tag could be created for Albums containing one or more tracks?

Hi Geoff
I have been playing around with the Tracks browser - focus on lyrics, and it does allow me to see and export a list of all tracks without lyrics.
In my case, excluding classical music, we are taking about +/-10.000 songs out of 30747. (and of course there quite some instrumentals, such as jazz numbers).

I can put a tag on track basis, but I would be keen to get your advice on how to direct this up to album level.
Thanks for your support


So I’ve just tried this. In the Track Browser, I Focused on just the tracks that have lyrics. I then selected a few of these at random and created a new Tag: “Has Lyrics”, and assigned the tag to the selected tracks. Then I went to the Album Browser and filtered on the new tag. Lo and behold, albums containing tracks that had been tagged were displayed, even when the album contained other tracks that had not been tagged.

So this technique seems to give you what you are looking for? It will allow you to display all albums that have at least one track with lyrics on them, by using a Tag. You can also slice and dice this collection further by applying further Focus criteria and/or Tags.

Edit: I’ve just applied the “Has Lyrics” tag to all tracks with lyrics in the Track Browser (selected by using Focus). Then going to the Album Browser and displaying just those albums that contain this tag tells me that I have 472 albums out of a total of 1,636 that contain tracks with lyrics.

Hi Geoff

Thanks very much. This is indeed what I was looking for.
In fact I feel a little stupid for not getting there myself :slight_smile:
Never too old to learn.

Thanks again

No problem, glad it’s helped.