Instability and repeated db updating after 1.7 upgrade

Ok… Trying to hold back my expletives here… What is wrong with 1.7? Every time I restart it it seems to want to fix the db. Nevermind failing to log onto TIDAL and/or Qobuz. Seriously,

[Just stopped writing cuz I’m pissed]

I am your most ardent supporter. Really pissed right now.

Hi @miguelito,

Sincere apologies for the frustrations here. I have gone ahead and activated diagnostics mode for your Core and what this action does is automatically upload a set of logs to our servers for analysis. I can confirm that the logs have been received and I requested our technical team to review them.

Hello @miguelito,

We are reviewing diagnostics but to get a clearer sense of the issue, can I please request some more information from you?

  • Can you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?
  • How long did you wait on the upgrading database page before restarting Roon?
  • Is this behavior the same from both your Core and any Roon Remotes you may have?

When I installed 1.7 for the first time, I got the “Upgrading database” message and let it finish. It possibly took 20-30 mins - I was away from the computer. I did NOT interrupt Roon in the process.

Core restarts last night gave me the message “Upgrading database” but it was much shorter, maybe 1-2 mins.

This morning:

  • Core restart is clean, taking the usual 3-4 mins to start. No “Upgrading database” message.
  • Remotes (v1.7) on mac, iOS 13.2.3, and iPadOS 13.2.3 all working fine it looks (not commenting on iOS stability yet)


Hi @miguelito,

Thanks for the additional information.

Just to confirm - are you having any further issues after last night? From you post it sounds like everything is operational, but if you see any issues just let me know, otherwise please inform me that I can go ahead and close this support thread. Thanks!

This morning everything is working. If I have any further issues I will follow up here.

Sorry I lost my cool - Roon is so core (no pun intended) to my music listening that seeing the instability I saw last night was very unsettling.

Thank you.

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When switching to “Live Radio” - specifically on the Roon Core machine, not a remote - Roon hangs (Roon icon permanent on screen). Killing the core, then restarting gives the message “Upgrading database” again.

Upon restart, it fails to log onto TIDAL. Retry logs me onto TIDAL, but Retry fails to log me into Qobuz. I do not have any internet connection issues, my connection is consistently 350mbps up / 20mbps down.

Getting concerned about sub-par software right now, frankly.

Getting worse… Roon will not move past this on startup:

As you can see, I also have Audirvana. I am thinking of getting rid of Roon right now.

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