Instaling Samsung Magician on SSD in Nucleus+

I just installed a Samsung SSD in my new Nucleus+, does anyone have any recommendations about installing Samsung Magician software or not?

You cant…the nucleus will need to format the drive before you can use it - do so in the Web GUI

Oh of course, many thanks for the info, I’m also having problems coping music over to the SSD, I had to abort the operation and I deleted the files copied. When I started it again, it wouldn’t continue after it got to the previous files copied. Even though I’d deleted the those files from the SSD.

Perhaps more info based on what you are copying from…OS/Connection etc

Suggest you stop Roon while copying too, unless you haven’t added the storage location yet.

I’m copying from an external connected to a MacBook Pro using the network share. I’m still running Roon from the Macbook.