Instaling Samsung Magician on SSD in Nucleus+

(Paul Elliott) #1

I just installed a Samsung SSD in my new Nucleus+, does anyone have any recommendations about installing Samsung Magician software or not?

(Mr Fix It ) #2

You cant…the nucleus will need to format the drive before you can use it - do so in the Web GUI

(Paul Elliott) #3

Oh of course, many thanks for the info, I’m also having problems coping music over to the SSD, I had to abort the operation and I deleted the files copied. When I started it again, it wouldn’t continue after it got to the previous files copied. Even though I’d deleted the those files from the SSD.

(Mr Fix It ) #4

Perhaps more info based on what you are copying from…OS/Connection etc

Suggest you stop Roon while copying too, unless you haven’t added the storage location yet.

(Paul Elliott) #5

I’m copying from an external connected to a MacBook Pro using the network share. I’m still running Roon from the Macbook.