Install instructions

Roon Core Machine

Windows Server 2019, 8G RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

1G network

Connected Audio Devices

PS Audio Directstream

Library Size

32000 albums

Description of Issue

I use ROON on a W2k19 server and that is all it does.

I see that ROON is installed in C:\Users\Administrator/AppDate/Local

Is there a way to backup the data and do a flatten and reload of ROON outside of the user folder? Or in other words, why there instead of C:\programs?

To allow the installation on normal Windows installations without the need for administrator rights.

Disclaimer: From another Roon user.

…or in my case, it is also installed in the same location except in a different user’s config.

I have it installed twice, so I am looking to clean up the install, generally manually removing the parts that are not needed.

What registry needs to be cleaned up? Might help you find things roon puts othe than the programs folder

Hi @Mike_Site

If you want to move your Roon database to a different User, you can install the app on that user and then restore a backup. After doing so, you can simply delete the Roon folder on the old user and that should work for you.