Install issue with Rpi 3B+

I wanted to try the new Rpi 3B+ with dietpi because of improved wifi, but ran into issues that seem to be what is described here:

What I don’t understand is if there is a workaround or some version available that would work, or do we have to be patient and wait for v6.5? Expected timeframe?

If you want to run DietPi, you’ll have to wait it out for a bit, I’m afraid. While an updated 6.4 image supporting the 3B+ was released yesterday, there are bound to be some teething issue.

If you can’t wait – the new WiFi is running just fine with Raspbian Lite.

Thanks for the info. I use this as a roon endpoint with kali and piano dac 2.1. Never tried Raspbian Lite. Will I be able to get
Roonbridge and dac support working?

Just install Roonbridge on top of Raspian Lite and away you go.

  1. Flash Raspian Lite to SD card

  2. In the ‘boot’ section of the SD card, put an empty file called ‘ssh’ and a text file called ‘wpa_supplicant.conf’, the latter containing the following:

    ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

  3. Insert SD-card and network cable in Pi and boot

  4. Log in via ssh (ssh root@raspberrypi; password: raspberry), run ‘sudo raspi-config’ and set WiFi-country in Localisation settings

  5. Edit config.txt (sudo nano /boot/config.txt) and add at the end:


  6. Shutdown Pi, remove network cable and boot Pi. You should now have WiFi up and running

  7. Install Roon Bridge for armv7hf:

    chmod +x
    sudo ./

  8. Sit back and enjoy the music


Brilliant! Thank you.