Install Nucleus, do I need to attach my DAC

I have an M1 iMac that has a Chord TT2, Chord M Scaler, and a Sparkos Aries amp connected for listening to headphones. If I buy/install Nucleus, do I need to connect the DAC and amp to it in order to optimize performance.

I never listen to speakers, only headphones. Am I defeating the benefit of Nucleus if I have the dac connected to my iMac?

I could move the Nucleus to my desktop, plug in my DAC and never use my iMac except for the Roon app.

I’d love to hide the server though…

Just leave connectivity as it is and hide the Nucleus. My only proviso would be that if you have music stored on the iMac, add storage to the Nucleus and keep it there. That will keep network traffic a bit less complicated.

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No, you don’t need to connect the DAC directly to the Nucleus.
However, a reason to do it, might be if you wanted to have your headphone set-up available when your M1 Imac is turned off.

I have a NUC/Rock so that I don’t need to turn on my PC just to listen to music on my headphone set-ups and speakers that are around the house. In my case, I do this with RPi/Digi+pro with RoPieee so they don’t even need to be connected directly to the NUC/Rock.

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