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Just installed Linux on my laptop and would like to install Roon. Can you help me stap by step what to do? I know there are files I can download. But than I do not know how to install it.

Read this article first, and if you have further questions, come back to the forum and ask them.

Aan you can read in my question. I know there are files to be downloaded, but I do not know how to install those files on my Linux laptop. Is there a step by step guide? Or can somebody explain it to me?

Hi @Marc_ten_Oever…

The roon Linux install guide hasn’t been updated in a while…

The Linux section of the forum has a few posts with some updated info… I’d search around there.

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Hi Marc,

If you installed something like Debian or Ubuntu or derivative the following procedure should do (from the console):

  1. Unless you are on the command line open a terminal
  2. sudo apt install cifs-utils ffmpeg (install required packages, probably are already there)
  3. wet (download Roon install script)
  4. chmod +x (make it executable)
  5. sudo ./ (execute it)

Thx Nickpi,

I just installed Linux Mint 21. I followed your steps, but No. 3 the “wet” command is not recognized. So the steps after 3 do not work either.

Does Roon work on Linux Mint 21?

Thanks for helping!

Hello Marc,
It’s just a typo : the command is “wget” not “wet”

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Mint should work. Just make sure you also install the dependencies as suggested.

Hi Marc,
Sorry, this is a typo. wget of course. You could simply download the script from the download site, Easy Installer, first option.
Roon should certainly work with Mint, it’s pretty standard.
The curl package might also be missing, sudo apt install curl in case step 5 gives you an error.

Hi, back again…

So installing went well…the system files are there…but I cannot find the Roon button to start it up in my menu.

Can you help me with this one too?

Thanks. I am trying!

Greetz from Rotterdam…Marc

Roon Server runs as a system service on Linux. There is no button needed to start it (this information is already contained in the support document “Installing Roon on Linux”).

Note: Roon Server also has no GUI. You need a Roon Remote on another PC, tablet or phone to control Roon Server. Or you search on this forum on how to run the Windows Roon program in Wine on Linux to gain access to a remote running on Linux. See also:

Thanks for you answer. For me this is too difficult. I had windows but it crashed due to the latest upgrade. So I had enough of Windows. In Windows however I had Roon on my laptop including the music. I recovered the music and it’s back on the laptop. I installed Roon with help of this forum. I assumed I will have the same as what I had on windows. A running Roon with a button and a remote acces ( already installed) on my phone. But…which Roon should I install to get the same as I had. For me it’s all the same. I just want to listen music and not study IT. Thanks for your patience.

Greetz Marc

The all-in-one Roon installation you seem to have had on your Windows machine is only offered by Roon Labs for machines running Windows or MacOS. The offerings for Linux are Roon Server and Roon Bridge (which you don’t need when you already have Roon Server installed). A control/remote software for Linux is (currently) not available.

I already pointed out for you how you can utilize the Windows offering to get a running GUI on Linux (including the link to an install script that does the hard part for you if prerequisites are met). If you misunderstand the basic tasks of downloading files, running/installing software on your OS or reading of relevant documentation to close knowledge gaps as a study in IT, then you’re currently probably walking the wrong way, trying to use an OS completely unknown to you.

Note: There is no official support for running (Windows) Roon on Wine on Linux (might stop working at any time) as GUI for Roon Server and there is also an issue with it currently, leading to higher (as expected) CPU load and power consumption. If running Roon on Wine under these conditions is not for you, then you’re probably better off using a tablet as remote.

Hi all,

I managed to get Roon working on Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS just fine. I installed Flatpak, followed by Bottles and created a bottle specific for Roon. Set it to Windows 7, install dotnet 4.7.2, set it to Windows 10 and install Roon.

The only problem I have is that when pressing the close button, Roon.exe keeps running in the background. This is a problem, because I first have to kill the process before I can start Roon again. Does anyone have a solution for this?

How long do you wait before you try to start Roon again? AFAIK is some component, probably RAATServer, hanging around for a bit before it terminates. If you wait 5+minutes before you try to start Roon again, it should just work (my experience, yours may vary).

PS: This has been reported to Roon Labs in the past and got fixed, just to return to this behavior again on next or next after release.

Thanks for your reply. You’re right, Roon.exe indeed disappears from the System Monitor after ~5 minutes. I can live with that, glad that it works so well in Bottles.

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