Install problem

Intel NUC10i5
1 x|Samsung 970 EVO Plus V-NAND M.2 250GB SSD|
1 x|Intel NUC 10th Gen Frost Canyon i5 10210U Mini PC Kit Slim Barebone
1 x Corsair 16GB (1x16GB) DDR4 SODIMM

Built, works fine (to BIOS settings anyway) BIOS updated to latest. 0046 from memory. Enabled Legacy boot.

Flashed USB from Mac with Etcher - reports no bootable drive found in normal boot up. With F10 pressed only goes into BIOS setup screen. With BIOS changed to boot USB first, reports no bootable drive found. In Disk Utility on Mac, USB drive is reported as not bootable.


Used PC to create bootable USB drive, flashed image onto it with Etcher. Same problems.

So the 2 issues are:
(i) F10 doesn’t seem to allow me to choose bootable volumes
probably because
(ii) the USB drive doesn’t appear to be showing as bootable.

Drive is 548GB, and no problem reports on flashing, but might it be too small?

Otherwise, am confused as to why not working…

Drive is certainly big enough. I think I used an 8Gb drive.

Instead of Etcher, which can be flaky, try Rufus.

Assuming that the USB drive is correctly flashed, in the NUC’s BIOS, disable Modern Standby in Power management and disable Secure Boot in Boot in order to enable Legacy Boot, and select it.

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