Install Roon on ssd at nas

Can someone give me the link to install Roon on a ssd connected to a Nas for a potential user, I did it a long time ago for myself and looked for a few hours, I can’t find it again. Please help so this person can start trying Roon.

This link?

Does not work, i only get a .spk file that i cannot open

I’ve moved this to nas threads.

thx, sorry for the mistaken place

Then you should provide potential helpers with more information about what your attempting to achieve, what NAS you’re using (brand, model and configuration) and what the specific problems are that you encountered so far.

Also take a look at the link @wizardofoz posted and the minimum requirements to run Roon.

I succeeded (I think) I can choose between “Roon from my Intel Nuc” and “Roon on Nas”, can I temporarily switch to “Roon on Nas” and later go back to “Roon on Nuc”?
Or do I just have to unauthorise the Nuc to get Roon from Nas and later on unauthorise the Nas to go back to Roon from my Nuc (All this is to do a test for a future user :slightly_smiling_face:(new Roon client:slightly_smiling_face:)

You can switch back and forth no issues just authorize the one you want to use.

Ssd for the database will make or break roon for good user experience. Ram is important too…recommend min 4gb or more.

The person for whom I am doing this installation is already in his trail period of 14 days, now it can take a week or more before I can go back to him to get Roon completely in order. Do you know if there would be a possibility to give that person some extra time?

Oh btw he has exactly the same Nas as I have. A Synology DS218+

He may contact the accounts team at any time:

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