Install Roopieee . no SD card reader expect my smartphone

Is there a way to put the roopieee image on a SD card? I have currently nothing with a SD card slot expect my android phone. I could connect the android to a MacBook with usb … would that be enough to access the internal SD card and flash the image von the SD card?

Or could I connect the pi4 with the SD card to the MacBook?

I doubt any of those would work, SD card adapters arent expensive
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If you are going to use Ropieee then you should invest in an SD card reader and a couple of extra SD cards. It will make things much easier for you. Occasionally I have had to reinstall the software and having a card reader makes it much easier. I like to have a couple of SD cards around so I can remove the current card and install an upgrade to the new card thereby giving me an instant fall back just in case.


Just ordered a usb hub for my MacBook with SD card slots, usb and ethernet.

one of the handiest things you can own…make sure it has micro SD slot too or get an adapter with the SD card

Is it possible to use a pi 4 as airplay receiver for my MacBook while still being apple to use it as roon endpoint?

I would like to be able to cast the apple TV audio from my MacBook to the pi and from the USB out into my headphone setup.

But it should still work with roon If I’m not watching movies.

Would I need volumio or roopieee XL for that?

You need RoPieeeXL as RoPieee is a Roon only endpoint.
On RoPieeeXL Roon and AirPlay can be both active at the same time


Thanks . Did install the Normal roopieee for now.

Will put roopieee XL on another SD card.