Installation failure: reboot loop

I would like to give RopieeeXL a try, but cannot seem to install it. I installed image 20201212-ropieeexl-ose_rpi234-stable.img on a new 32 GB microSD card, put the SD card in my Raspberry Pi 3b, connected it to ethernet. After some time of getting seemingly nowhere, I plugged in a monitor via HDMI to see the progress: it seems like the system boots, comes to a welcome screen, reboots and never gets to a stable state.

The last black console screen I see before reboot is something like:

*** Welcome to Ropieee! ***
bcm2835_codec_get_supported_fmts: port has more encoding than we provided space for. Some are dropped.

How can I get this to work?
In the meantime, I will try to flash the non-XL version to see if that works…

Do you have a proper power supply that delivers enough power?

Thanks for the suggestion. I use the official power supply that came wit mt Raspberry Pi 3. It has been working well with other OS.

If it’s the official one then you’re good.

You are sure about the reboot? When RoPieee is ready with starting up it disables the HDMI port so that one goes black.

More accurately, I see the welcome screen, then about 3 seconds completely black, then it’s back to the rainbow boot screen.

I suggest you reflash.

Did you already tried the ‘regular’ RoPieee as you already mentioned?

I followed the same procedure with the regular Ropieee and I could see right away that it was making progress. It installed smoothly, upgraded to XL without problem. My HifiBerry DAC2 HD was easily selected. After activating UPNP/DLNA, I am now hearing music :slightly_smiling_face:

So, it seems like there is problem with the XL image, at least for me…