Installation issue with Windows 2012r2

Hello, crew. I note that I must install the media pack as a dependency for Roon Server on my i7 server. However, when I go to do this, I get the error that I must first install and configure Windows Server Essentials. I have it installed but I cannot configure it. I get an error message that an error occurred while configuring Windows Server Essential. Rebooting and retrying are not helping. Help!! Thanks. JCR

According to the article, you can’t have can’t have admin or administrator as any part of the username.

Thanks for the response.

If I am logged into my server as administrator when I attempt to configure, I do get the error message “An error occurred while configuring Windows Server Essentials.” No amount of retrying or rebooting solves this.

You suggest that one cannot have the word Administrator in the user name when running the configuration wizard. So, I set up a separate user account under my initials, JCR. Here, I get a different error message, to wit “An error happened when running the Windows Essential Configuration Wizard. Please check the event trace log for detail information.”

There is no button in this situation available to retry – only to close. For all practical purposes, the Wizard can’t start up when logged in as JCR. So then, I went back to Administrator and gave the JCR user full administrative privileges. When re logging back into JCR, the Wizard gives the same error as though the word Administrator was in the user name.

So, I’m losing in any direction I head here.

I have seen some sites that reference a workaround by adding a ServerAdmin$ policy to Default Domain Controllers Policy. That seems to be accessible only through Group Policy Management, which says I must log on to a computer with a domain user account. That doesn’t work when I log in under JCR instead of as Administrator. I guess my JCR user isn’t a “domain user account” or else something further has gone awry.

In other words, I am going deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole to just get the media pack installed.

What can I do here? I am not a network administrator and do not really understand what I am doing in Windows 2012R2. All I know is that this is supposed to be the preliminary, simple step and I can’t get it to work.

Thanks in advance for your further thoughts. JCR

Are you running a normal install of Server 2012r2 or do yo have other things like AO, project lasso, etc going on?

And are you running 2012R2 Standard/DataCenter and adding the Essential Role to it?

Or are you using 2012R2 Essentials? It was not really clear…

Ahem. 2012R2 Standard. With AO. And yes, Phil from AO pointed out to me that I don’t have to have Essentials or the Media Pack – his AO will take care of it all. So I did that – so much makework I created for myself. RoonServer is now installed, has scanned my music library and is importing my tracks! Hopefully, I am now on the right path. Thanks. JCR

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Good to hear. Too bad you did not mention AO in your original post.