Installation issues - QNAP TS453-Pro 8GB

Hi my SonicTransporter i5 died, so I have to use my Qnap TS453-Pro 8GB

I have the very latest public beta installed. 4 SSD in RAID 0 (stripe). 1,3 TB
Music on a fileserver R2008R2. Planning to copy over to NAS, for better stability.

When configuring the volume i selected the fastest option ‘’Static Volum’’

I have all sorts of problems with this latest version.
Have you verified yourself that this will / shall work on a clean install ?

My friend has a HS251 with same version SW. It seems to work at his place, though he has some dropouts. His install is upgrade all the way. I have a clean install.

Have you tested the lastet versions yourself as a clean install ?

Can you specify the problems you are encountering? I tested it a lot but did not try it the QTS Beta, yet.

WLeast signifikant at the moment, can’t find any Squeeceboxes. At one time it did find one.

Switch between initializing, trying to connect to Connect, failed to connect.
Impossible to play more than a few seconds. If at all.

It seems connecting to my network share is quite problematic. \\server\media (my local name of the share)

Roon couldn’t several times find any audio devices at all. Had to use the reset function several times.

It may at the moment being working. I’m not sure, but the good sign is that CPU load is between 75 & 80%.

Just now again it says my file system is not clan. Very strange.
That has also happened some times.

Can I have a bad SSD ?
Should I run some diagnostic pr. SSD. I have one new Samsung 850 bought yesterday installed. I could of cause try with only that one in use. What you think ?

The last 5 min I’ve been able to play. And cpu load seems to go down.
Maybe it will work soon ?
I will let it continue filescan. And then do the file cleaning.

Is Squeezebox support enabled in Settings -> Setup?

Was there an error message? I use IP addresses instead of hostnames to rule out local DNS issues.
Did you check your networking settings? Using Jumbo frames/high MTU values are problematic.

I guess you’ll see this cpu load when your library is scanned and analyzed. This should be lower once this is completed.

Does Roon say that or the QNAP QTS? I have not seen a failing SSD yet and to my knowledge this is quite rare (compared to spinning disks). So I’d look for other causes first.

Yes, of cause Squeezebox support is enabled :grinning:

It seems searching for new library on the Squeezeboxes does the trick

Let’s give it some time of scanning, as it seems to be working more or less.
Well music is still stopping and I do loose connection still, but hopefully this is related to high CPU demand for scanning.

Actually in general, loosing connection to Roon has allays been i problem here.

You suggest I use the ip address of my server. Yes, of cause I can, but then how to avoid it scans to much ?
It’s 12TB of shit, and music should only be 1TB.

What will I gain by using instead of \\server\file

If you use \\192.168.xx.xx\sharename instead of \\server\sharename you are bypassing your local DNS of your router, so you are preventing issues in case you router’s dns might be unreliable.

WoW. That is a very good tip.

So IP address + share name. Like exactly like this example:\server\music


Whatever I try:

it must be \IPadress\share. forgot the two \

Here is the error message I did was not able to show you before.

It happens with both ways of typing share name.


Any suggestion what that could indicate ?

The share you are trying to add is not located on your QNAP (that acts as the Roon Core), right?


But I’m planning to copy over the files to Qnap, to see if that solve some problems.

I was hoping to do that from QNAP, but need to investigate best way to do. If there is a way to sync against my fileserver that would be the best I think.

Upload via filestation using Chrome seems to be the way to do it.

Here is what happens as well. Loosing all info about audiodevices:

And the whole database:

Now I will have to reset Roon.Again. So this is how it’s has been going for the last 30 hours with me trying to make Roon work on my Qnap.

I will try to email yo the logfile

Can you let me know what the storage scenario is like on your qnap?
You said the database is stored on ssd? Is it a single volume?

As said, I made a stripe with SSD’s

“4 SSD in RAID 0 (stripe). 1,3 TB”
"When configuring the volume i selected the fastest option ‘’Static Volum’’ "

So one dir is RoonServer another reserved for music, but at the moment not populated. I’m doing upload now.

Would you like me to do different ?

Would be good (if not too much trouble) to try this.

Also, visit the compatibility page of qnap and check if there are specific notes to the ssd models you are using.

I’m quite confident after some testing that the SSD are OK. I have sent you emails as well.

The Samsung models 850 EVO I use is on the comparability list.

The KINGSTON SV300S37A240G is not, but the Kingston SV300S37A SSDNow V300
and Kingston SE50S37/240G E50, is so I guess it should be OK.

I used that disk for ling time in the NAS. Just now I added the Samsung one.

Your library is also on the QNAP?

Don’t use UNC paths \\myserver\share or \\IPaddress\share. You will get an unnecessary performance hit.

Browse to the local shares of your music on the disk.

Also, as an aside what on earth are you doing with your NAS that needs that disk configuration? :smiley:

Using disks not on the compatibility list, especially in striped mode, is asking for trouble.

Yes i do. As also Cristpoher said.

No, Chris did not say that. I’m suggesting you do something different.

The NAS was bougt reasonable for testing Hyper V and similar.
(Not powerful enough)

Then it became my Roon server. And I only used one disk.

Now, since my Roon with several occasions has been very unstable, I’d like to move (copy) my ripps over to the NAS.

Roon has become very sensitive to network share. If you loose connection to your library, Roon more or less give up. As I know this can happen in my network, due to probably an hw error on my R2008R2, I like to rule out this possible error for now.
In addition Roon reacts differently to Sonore endpoints vs using Roon Brigde and a USB DAC. The latter more unstable.

As said in the beginning, my SonicTransporter SSD died. It will br replaced soon by a new SSD hopefully.
So now I like to use my Qnap as Roon server. And music storage.

If you happen to know I clever way to sync files between my server and NAS, let me know. Using the NAS to control the sync. Server master. NAS slave.
NAS is stripe. Single. No thick or thin volume. Try ty get best performance from NAS. So it can die without any problem.

I know about the iSCSI option, but I suppose that requires me to do some dramatic cahanges in my RAID 5 and RAID 6 on the R2008R2.