Installation on QNAP 451+ stops at45%

the installation of the qpkg 2017_02_02 stops @ 45%. Target for installation should be the external SSD, which was formatted with the label “RoonServer” according to the manual. Installed QTS Version is shown as 4.2.4. Did I miss something?

During the installation procedure the binary files will be downloaded from the RoonLabs website. I guess this happens at 45%. Depending on your internet connection speed, this might take a while and the progress bar will not go any further.
It stops at 45% on my system, too, but after a while it should continue to climb to 100%.
How long did you wait when it was stuck at 45%?

Can you also check if you are able to download the binary file for RoonServer on Linux manually?
Go to the download page, select in the Roon Server section “Linux (x86)”. On the info page click the “Roon Server (x64)” Link (under the “Package for manual installation” headline).

If I remember correctly, there was already a similar thing with a user in china, and the download was blocked by the ISP.

Dear Christoper,
thanks for the fast reply, after 1 hour waiting it worked. So as I am in China, your guess was right.