Installation problems

Hey Guys, I need some help!
Am in the process of shifting from Roon Core on Mac Mini (which was not working smoothly) to Roon ROCK on NUC8i3BEH.
Have installed memory and SSD with double the recommended capacity ie [Transcend SOLID STATE DRIVE 3D Nand Flash Chip 128gb] and [Crucial CT8G4SFS8266 8GB Memory (DDR4)].
Have successfully made a flash drive with Roon OS as directed in the Knowledge Base.
Have tried to set up the NUC BIOS as specified in the Knowledge Base - but potentially something is not optimised here - as after a successful install of Roon OS from the flash drive, I am now getting the message “A bootable device has not been detected”.
Any ideas what to try?

On the NUC BIOS interface, did you?

  • Enable Legacy boot, and not UEFI.
  • Set your boot order to boot from your SSD or M.2 first.
  • Disable network boot.
  • Enable USB boot, but make sure your SSD or M.2 has boot priority.

(Instructions copied and edited from a tutorial that a member, @Rugby I believe, posted here not long time ago).

Also, according to another member:
“Something I realized about the new Bios is that you have to make one change at a time and save. Otherwise any other options associated with the change won’t appear.”

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Thank you Jose L.
I had tried to do that. I think it was me not ‘making one change at a time’ that led to the error.
Have been back through the BIOS, ensured everything is as specified (taking pictures of screens in case necessary to share) and rebooted.
Now seems fine, am on to dealing with missing codecs.
Fingers crossed all will be smooth from now, will pick up the rest this evening after work.
Have to say this has been an adventure for a plug and play Apple guy - never done any of this stuff before :slight_smile:.
Thanks to the forum for being such a great support network.