Installed Core on Win10 PC, Android phone app not connecting

I am able to stream directly from my Win10 PC Core directly to my Oppo 203 but can’t get the app on my Android phone to connect. It displays “Looking for your Roon Core” then it shows my Desktop network and says “Connecting” but it never does.

When I look at Media Streaming Options (Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre > Media streaming options), I can see my LG TV, Marantz pre-pro, and Oppo 203. Should my phone also show up here?

With all of the 1-star reviews of the app I expected to find a solution to this problem here but couldn’t.

It would help if you gave some details of your setup including network, router, wired or wireless connection etc.

Desktop is Win10Pro, router is D-Link DIR-655, running wireless to Oppo UDP-203. Phone is One+ 7 Pro, Android 9 Oxygen OS. I’m pretty much fumbling my way through this so please let me know what I left out.

Have you already read and followed the instructions in the KB-article “Why can’t Roon Remote Connect?”?

Hi @MisterPotatoHead,

Are other remote devices able to connect to the Core machine?

Can you confirm that the Core and the Android device are on the same subnet?

I hadn’t read that but found that turning off the firewall did it! I tried to add Roon to the exception list but it doesn’t show up. What’s the long-term fix other than leaving the firewall off? Thanks.

Now I just need to figure out why two different songs were playing through my PC and through the Oppo… :wink:

Adding working exceptions to the Windows firewall. Maybe you’re able to do it following this guide:
Add Windows Firewall Exceptions in Windows 10

If you tell Roon to play something, it goes to the queue of the active zone (usually the zone gets displayed bottom right). Every device you activate in Settings|Audio gets it’s own zone per default. So watch for what you play in which zone and disable devices you don’t want to use at all.

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