Installed Roon on Mac mini intended to install Roon Server how do I recover?

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I installed [Full] Roon Core on Mac Mini M1; I wanted to install Roon Server.
How do I recover and get back to what I intended? Deauthorize the Roon, install Server, etc?

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Roon Core is a part of Roon Server, but is not available separately.
You have set up a server for Roon playback on your Mac, just add a remote on your portable device and you’re set?

Gerald, are you intending to run the Mac mini Core as a headless server? As @Mikael_Ollars noted, the base download for MacOS and Windows includes the server, the ability to run as a Core, and the Remote UI for managing all of this. If this is not what you need and you want to run only the Roon Server component, then yes, you will need to deauthorize your Core, uninstall the application, and download and re-install the MacOS server component. I believe you will need a Remote to manage your Core going forward then as their is no user-interface for the server application.

Yes, my intention is to run the Mini as a headless server. How do I deauthorize the Core before uninstalling it?

Go to Settings → General and you should see your Roon Core under “This Mac”. Logout from that and you should be good. Then uninstall the and reinstall the Server application. That’s about as far as I can go as I have not installed or run the server independent of the full application.

Please note, there are three packages available for install:
Roon - The full package of the three components needed to run Roon; Core, Bridge and Remote. Suitable for desktops, laptops and similar with a screen and keyboard.
Roon Server - The Core and Bridge parts, needing a separate conteoller on a device with a screen. This package is the one to use for a headless server.
Roon Bridge - The “audio output” component, suitable for a device only used to connect ethernet and USB to a device of your choice

In addition to these downloads there are Roon Remote Apps available from Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. These remote control apps also is usable as audio outputs, similar to the Bridge software.

And finally, there RoonOS, a complete operating system with the Server software embedded. This is used for compatible NUC’s and daredevils who want to try their luck in running this on unsupported hardware.

So, there is no software package known as Roon Core, but Roon Core is a part of Roon Server which IS a software package, available for Mac etc.
And if the OP was meaning to say he did actually install the full package on his headless computer, it wouldn’t matter, since the GUI part would likely not be in use.

Please see this page, and scroll down to the bottom:

Thanks Michael_Oilars, Robert_F that all worked and I’m good to go. :+1:


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