Installed Roon pkg on Synology NAS but no further instructions appeared[Solved]

Hi - Very non-technical here :slight_smile: Installed Roon package on Synology - but got no further on screen instructions. Package center says Roon is running. When/Where do I tell it to put its database on the USB SSD drive (which I called RoonServer) ? Not sure how to jumpstart everything. Thank you!

Install roon remote on another machine and do it from there

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Thanks, however don’t see any options to put Roon database on a SSD. Pointers welcome

If you installed roon on a SSD that is where it will put its database.

Hi, Yes, I followed the instructions and installed Roon on my Synology NAS expecting to be able to point its database to the SSD. There was no option to install Roon onto an external SSD that’s connected via USB 3.0. I don’t understand why the hardware specs say add an SSD to your NAS (I already added 8G memory).

Perhaps someone who has done this per the instructions can point out what I’m missing.

Thanks for all your help!

On closer inspection - perhaps because I named the USB SSD “RoonServer” before installing led to it being installed directly onto the SSD :slight_smile:

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