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Hi, I am a lifetime client of Roon at home in Canada where I utilize a Nucleus + for storing music files and streaming from Tidal.

I also operate a second Roon core on a Mac Mini in my place in Florida only for streaming Tidal. I expect to replace that Mac Mini with a second Nucleus once again only to stream from Tidal.

I read somewhere that I could experience problem when installing the new Nucleus due to the fact that I am an already client of Roon and will not start a new subscription.

As I am not very good with this kind of problems, any advice to avoid them will be very appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Just read this Roon help center article and your worries should vaporize…

See screenshot excerpt from above link

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Thank you Marin. I know that Roon could be operated in several cores, one at the time. This is what I have done with my nucleus at in Canada and Mini in US. I was just wandering if the fact that I already have a subscription could cause problem at new Nucleus installation as I read somewhere here. Thanks!

Here Marin what I read from a customer review:

Roon Nucleus Network Streamer
Makes a real difference in spatial sound quality. Roon gets confused when you already have an account, which made setup more difficult. On setup, the ethernet light went on immediately, which led me to believe the unit was fully powered up; but the full power button was not so obvious - but I found it. Directions were not so clear on this.

The person was probably simply not familiar with the procedure of unauthorizing one Nucleus and authorizing the other. If you do what @Marin_Weigel said you should be fine. Also see here for a picture

You should not have a problem. Just follow the instructions. When you authorize your new Nucleus, Roon will ask you to unauthorize the other one and vice-versa when you go home. If there is ever a need to use both at the same time, now is the time to purchase a second lifetime subscription on your current account before the price increase on 1/1/23.

Also, there is no reason not to use your local files in Florida. Just copy them to a USB drive and plug it into the Nucleus. Also, if you are using Roon ARC with your Nucleus in Canada, Roon ARC will stop working when you unauthorize that Nucleus.

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Thank you very much Jim!

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**thank you Jim If I may insist, how do I copy and transfer my file from old to new nucleus?



You can go to Roon - Settings - Backup and do a backup of your current Nucleus to a USB HDD. Then, plug that USB HDD into your new Roon Nucleus and do a restore. When you take your new Nucleus to your Florida location, you will need to go to Roon - Settings - Audio and setup your Roon endpoints at your new location.

Your so kind. Is hhd a regular usb ?

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That’s what I use.

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Thanks! Have a nice evening my friend!

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