Installing HQPlayer on a separate NUC

I have Roon Rock installed on a NUC i7 of the 8th generation( 4 hyresfastighet ). Can I add the Hqplayer on the same unit?
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No, Roon ROCK and HQPlayer cannot coexist on the same device. You can do HQPlayer with another NUC or some other suitable computer.

Thank you Jussi! Can I add a NUC with HQplayer? Min spec? Is i5 2core enough?

Yes, you can use for example the HQPlayer OS image that has HQPlayer Embedded. It is a full custom OS designed for running HQPlayer.

MInimum specs depend on what kind of processing you would like to run. But these days I would get started with minimum quad-core.

So should I do it the other way around? Use my current i7 for Hqplayer and the i5 for Rock?

That is likely more suitable setup, as HQPlayer is usually quite a bit heavier half of the combination.

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Yes is the good solution but you can test Rooserver and HQplayer desktop on your i7 with OS of your choice.
Roonserver doesn’t need a lot of resources to just serve as an HQP remote control.

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Thank you Stef! So I keep the Rock installation, download Hqplayer and then I need an OS for SSHqplayer?

I decided to buy an Intel NUC i7 10th generation with 6 cores for Hqplayer! The NUC has Windows 10 installed but I dont know if I should use it or not?! Which Hqplayer do you recommend for best sound quality; 4 desktop, PRO or embedded? Is Linux bettet than Windows?

Sound quality should be similar. Although Pro is applicable only for professional use, and is not usable with Roon.

Without touching preinstalled Windows, you can use trial of both Desktop and Embedded on the same hardware to determine which one you would prefer. You can install Desktop on Windows and test it, and also boot up HQPlyer OS with Embedded, without affecting the pre-installed Windows. You can also do this some time later if you wish.

Thanks Jussi! I will start with Windows!

I downloaded Hqplayer desktop for Windows, put the IP-adress in Roon, choose Hqplayer but Roon cant connect to Hqplayer! Wests wrong/mässing?

…What wrong/missing…

Enable Network control in UI of HQ Player

Thank you! How do I do tjat?

I have tried to come into the Hqplayer programme to find all the parameters but I cannot come in?!? How do I do it?

If this is the support you get from Hqplayer team ? then there will not be any license bought!

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