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I just received my Nucleus. I followed all the directions (ethernet cable direct into my router), account set up, etc.

I cannot get the Nucleus to connect to my wifi just by plugging it into the router. I then hooked it up to a monitor, plugged in a keyboard and tried to connect that way. It just continually said (like it did when I was using my laptop to initialize/start the nucleus), “searching for …”.

I scoured the community site for about 4 hours and found multiple suggestions - all way above my pay grade.

I can’t even find a way to contact customer support or tech support. Suggestions?

You did :slight_smile: This is the place. (But it’s a Saturday and they will come back on Monday).

If the Nucleus is plugged into the router, it is connected. You don’t need to connect it to wifi as such. (The connection between the Ethernet and wifi networks would normally be made by the router).

Are you saying that your remotes (which would normally be on wifi) can’t connect to the Nucleus?

Sorry? You get a “searching for…” message on the monitor connected to the HDMI connector on the Nucleus?

It sounds as though there is a problem with either the ethernet ports on your router or your Nucleus, or a problem with the cable you are using.

You should see a message saying what the IP address of the Nucleus is (meaning that the Nucleus has received an IP address from the router). Similar to this (where your Model and the hostname entries will probably say “Nucleus”):

@suedkiez Thank you for replying. I’m just a caveman sometimes so bear with me. When you say remotes, do you mean my iphone, or a device to control the nucleus?

I can hook up the nucleus again to the monitor but no, that is not what I saw on the screen. It indicated it was searching for … I can’t remember the terminology. I did a hard reboot, soft reboot (powered off with the button in back and also unplugged). I also went to a command prompt and typed in ‘reboot’ and all three, I ended up in the same position. Thank you @Geoff_Coupe

Then please reconnect the monitor, reboot the nucleus and post a photo of the message that is displayed on the monitor. That may give us some more information as to what is happening. Thanks.

Right - so as suspected, there’s a problem somewhere in the network connection, because the Nucleus isn’t getting an IP address assigned to it by your router.

Time to change one thing at a time to try and track down where the issue is.

First, can you try a different cable? If that doesn’t work, then try a different port on your router. Let us know how you get on.

Yea, any control app - on Mac, windows, iPhone/iPad, Android.

But your screenshots shed light, and as Geoff already said:

I had to relocate to the basement for the router. This is what i get now, plugged directly into the router. That said, after I plugged it in (again, I’m a caveman), my wifi connection to my phone and laptop stopped working. I restarted my router and unplugged the ROON and now the wifi is back.

So there’s still a problem, obviously.

Did you first try another cable?

yes, this is now a different cable from what was sent to me originally

Um - the Arris Surfboard is a WiFi Mesh system - is the base system your main router, or do you have a router that was provided by your ISP (Internet System Provider)?


I am not using the router provided by Wide Open West internet. This is a system installed for our house by an AV company. Also, how do I “quote reply” to minimize the posts? @Geoff_Coupe

I’ve just moved you from a “new user” to a “basic user” in the Community Forum system, so you should now be able to post directly in the forum without having us moderators having to review your posts.

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Right, so if you’re not using the ISP’s modem, but are relying on the Arris Surfboard system, then I would contact your AV company for further assistance. I’m not familiar with Arris or what its capabilities are.

Clearly, there’s something that needs to be set up properly - I don’t think this is a hardware issue (your cable and your Nucleus One are most probably OK).

The bottom line is that the Nucleus One must be connected with a wired ethernet connection - it is not designed to connect via WiFi.


@Geoff_Coupe Thank you for your help - I was afraid you would say that about contacting the AV group. I’ll do that. I really appreciate the help this morning.

So it looks like the SB8200 is a Cable modem and does not have WiFi built in. Only two ethernet ports for WAN (wide area network) access. So not really a router. That would be why your Nucleus is getting a WAN address versus a LAN (local area network) address. Your ISP probably only gives you one WAN address and this is why you lose the WiFi as the true router is losing it’s access to the internet and it’s WAN address.

Can you tell us what other devices are in your network?
What device is serving up your WiFi?

You may need to access your true router and make sure it is able to give the Nucleus an IP address.
Once we know what device it is we can “probably” help you there.


Sorry I’m not going to be any help on your techno queries but there is one thing I’d like to say …. YOOOOOOU REDS!