Installing on own volume needed?

I have a new HS-453DX-8GB and using the two M.2 SSDs with RAID 1 (1TB each) as system drive.
Is it okay to install Roon Server on that volume (static or thick/thin ?) or is it recommended/needed to have Roon Server being installed on an own volume?

I have a similar setup and created a roon volume, configured as thick. This works fine and the volume can grow with the db.


I see. But with a static volume the overall performance would be even better (though admittedly lacking some of the “comfort possibilities”).
Is there an own volume necessary for the Roon installation? Which would make static difficult as I don’t know exactly the size the Roon database has (Roon says in the guidelines something about 64GB but you never know when things get maybe a bit bigger).

I would not say necessary, first and foremost it is important to have an ssd. A individual vol. avoids any unwanted issues to the db. I am not quite sure if the advantage of a static vol. pays off for the performance. The db grows fast if you add more albums to it. If you use services like qobuz or tidal you can collect easily many new albums in a short time.